Tuesday, 22 November 2011

♥ 10 simple RULES of HAPPY life ♥

  1. when u help others, u help urself automatically.
  2. ur smile brings happiness to the world around u.
  3. people are not perfect and that is perfect.
  4. ur heart always sees the truth. trust it !
  5. u can do anything u want. what are your wants?
  6. you are living to make this world better. make the best of urself.
  7. life is anything without happiness. do what makes u happy..
  8. u will never be completely happy without making others happy.
  9. ur face are illusory. face ur illusions.
  10. gratitude is important. be thankful for the every moment of ur life..

p/s: just wanna share with u guys:face17:

♥ DaH BaCE..? tOLonG KLik BaWAh NiE PlaK ^_^ mEKasiH ♥

TaNx FoR REadiNG ^_^ SilA KoMEn APe yG PaTOt yE..