Sunday, 23 October 2011

it's about friendship :)

Pencil: You know, I'm really sorry...

Eraser: Sorry for what?? You didn't do anythnig wrong dear !

Pencil: Well, every time when I make a mistake, you will be there to erase my mistake... But, as time pass by, part of you are gone..

Eraser: You see, I'm made to do this.. Even though I know  one of these day I'll be gone, and you have to replace me with another. I'm still happy to do this job ! so don't be sad ! It worries me !

#This is how true friends are suppose to be like.. :) am i right...? ^_^

♥ DaH BaCE..? tOLonG KLik BaWAh NiE PlaK ^_^ mEKasiH ♥

TaNx FoR REadiNG ^_^ SilA KoMEn APe yG PaTOt yE..

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FaRaH_fUnKa_WeIrD !! said...

awwwww <3